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Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services will cover the costs of your home care and allow you to choose a family member to be your paid caregiver. Perhaps the most common scenario is when elderly parents with a disability have children who are their caregivers. A child can get paid to care for their parent (mother or father). However, the process for applying for government assistance for people with family caregivers, and the eligibility rules that govern who qualifies are often unclear.

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Who Can I Hire as a Caregiver?

Countrywide Home Care is a contracted PAS provider with the Department of Human Services that allows the participant to choose who they would love to take care of them to maintain the independence in their own residency.  Child Relative Friends Legal Spouse


There are two important categories for which you must qualify in order to be eligible for services: Clinical and Financial.

Clinical Eligibility
This means that you must be determined to require home care. While there are many technical aspects to this, we recommend that you ask yourself if you need home care before applying.

Financial Eligibilty
Financial eligibility is broken down into two parts: income and assets. 

  • Income is money coming in on a steady basis such as Social Security or a Pension.
  • Assets refer to what the consumer has on hand such as money in bank accounts.

Non-Married Consumers qualify for services if their monthly income is less than $2,382 and their assets are less than $8,000. 
Married consumers are allowed higher limits depending on their circumstances. Additionally, consumers with income above the limits can often still qualify for services by what is know as “spend-down”. 

Calculations for financial eligibility can become quite complex and we have not attempted to break down every circumstance. Please note, however, that consumers that avoid applying because they think they are ineligible financially may well be doing themselves a disservice. In many cases, it may be worthwhile to apply and to receive a determination. You will then gain insight into your options. Additionally, some consumers may benefit from seeking professional counsel to learn their eligibility options.

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You choose a caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We come to your home to enroll you in the program.

You get care — they get paid

You choose a caregiver: your daughter, son, relative, or friend. We come to your home to enroll you in the program.


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